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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

training preachers

Tonight was a good night. In just over a month we are going to be traveling to the US on furlough. While we are gone people have to fill in for some of the roles we normally take care of while here. One of my major roles this past year has been preaching. It is normal to have a few of the guys help out with a series, but this is my first time to plan 9 weeks or so of lessons for other people to preach.

In some ways though, this is a great blessing. Sometimes we have a hard time stepping into roles or trying some things out in life when we think there are other people who will do it for us. Since I am going to be traveling though, I am hoping that we can use this time to help a few more of our men become comfortable with preaching. When I talked to a few of the guys about this need the idea came up that we ought to do some training. In the past all of our preaching training has been more one on one, but the idea now is to try something different.

Several of us are going to try to get together every week to do two things. First we want to open the Bible and find out what God has to say about a variety of topics (who Jesus is, baptism, faith, grace, sin, etc.). Second, we want to give some opportunities for the guys to preach to our group about the things we are studying.

I am real excited about this because this gives us the opportunity to open the Bible in a very raw fashion and study what God has to say about important matters of our faith. Through this study we will hopefully have the chance to model and learn what it means to hear God’s Word and to investigate God’s truths. And then from this study we are then going to have the chance to talk about how we communicate these truths to others. This is something we can do together. The goal is to grow together as we study and speak. I hope that someday we can do something like this with everyone. We all need to know how to study and to speak God’s truths into the world around us.

Tonight was our first night and it was a great blessing. We sat around with our Bibles open studying and investigating who the Bible says about who Jesus is. What a great blessing. I am looking forward to these next several weeks.


At 11:06 AM, Blogger Sarah B said...

That sounds like a great opportunity, Randy! I think you'll be a great trainer as well. Can't wait to see y'all soon!

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Rosi said...

Hi my name is Rosiene and I'd like to know if you are still in Brazil... I work with missions to but on the Amazon river...


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